New arrivals!! New clear stamp series from MU and new designs of MU print on stickers!

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It has been a while since our last new arrival and we are so excited to introduce our new items to you! MU has released their new clear stamp series and added some new patterns to their print-on stickers!


MU clear stamp series

First of all, a brief introduction for folks who are new to this. Unlike its rubber counterpart, clear stamp is transparent, which allows you to confirm the stamp's orientation before stamping on a surface. That makes life so much easier as it takes away a lot of guesswork. The clear stamp itself is made of soft material, so you cannot stamp with it alone and you will need an acrylic block as support. The stamp is self-adhesive and will cling onto the block, and swapping stamps cannot be easier!

MU has 6 initial designs for their new clear stamp series. Each pack of stamp has 4 or 5 different pieces. Each piece of stamps can be used individually, or you can combine multiple stamps to form a large pattern! 

MU clear stamp BSS-001003

MU clear stamp BSS-001002

MU clear stamp BSS-001003

MU clear stamp BSS-001004

MU clear stamp BSS-001005

MU clear stamp BSS-001006

 Check out their YouTube video for more stamping ideas!



New designs of MU Print-On stickers

We have 15 more new designs! We are so glad that a lot of floral patterns are added. If you followed our instagram you'll notice that we LOVE using their floral patterns to decorate our bullet journal. Individually, they are awesome, but even more so when you layer them on top of each other!

Check out the full MU print-on sticker catalog here!

MU print on stickers new arrivals


For those who are new to MU print-on stickers

MU is famous for their uniquely-designed "Print-On Stickers". They are called this way because the stickers applied on to the surface without an obvious edge, so they blend effortlessly with the surface. Also they would not bulk up your planner!

Unlike ordinary stickers, MU print-on stickers do not have a peel-off sticky back. The adhesive is activated by pressure - think temporary tattoo paper that can be applied dry. This allows you to make arrangements, and they can be stacked to create a multilayer visual effect. Let your creativity run wild! 

MU stickers can be used on various surfaces, like paper, glass, plastic, ceramics and smooth wood surfaces. Check out their YouTube video to get inspirations on how they can be used. 


How to apply MU print-on stickers: 

  1. Cut out the desired pattern
  2. Remove the backing paper
  3. Paste it on the surface you wish to apply on
  4. Press in evenly with a flat tool (e.g. popsicle stick)
  5. Tear off the transparent layer