About Us

Welcome to Meowashi! We love washi tapes and would go great lengths to look for tapes with novel design. Then it occured to us - why not share our great discoveries with other washi tape enthusiasts? 

So in 2015, we decided to open shop on Etsy, under the name Meowashitape. In 2018 we moved to the US and re-opened as Meowashi. We are grateful that we can continue bringing unique washi tapes and other cute little stuff to all of you.

Our tapes and planner supplies are sourced from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. In late 2021, we also set up our studio and started creating our own branded stationery.

Whether you are looking for the perfect tape for your scrapbooking project, the finishing touch to your fancy gift wrapping, or just to add another roll to your ever-growing collection, we trust that you will find something you like here. Happy browsing!