Our Planner Pick for 2019

As the year is drawing to a close, have you chosen your planner for 2019 yet? These are our pick!


Take A Note Regular Planner

New(ish) kid on the block - only been in the market for 2 years, but it is getting rave reviews. Figure we would give this a shot and post a review. This planner starts on January though, so watch this space! Meanwhile, a little of specs to whet your appetite...

Take a note planner with its packing box

Paper: Tomoe River Paper from Japan - you know it is good stuff. Works well with fountain pen and dip pens, no bleeding or feathering. 

Binding:  The planner is clothbound in a bare-back hardcover. It opens flat, making it easy to write in. 

Weight: The planner weights 20% less than journals made with regular 80/m2 paper, making them great to travel with. 

Click here to their official website. 

Calendar and yearly plan page from Take a note planner Monthly page from Take a note planner Weekly page from Take a note planner

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Kokuyo Jibun Techo Diary A5

Weekly page of Jibun Techo A5 Diary

We LOVE their 24-hour timeline so we can make quick notes of how we spend our time. Hopefully it will increase our productivity!

If you are looking for more space to write, there's a 3-in-1 version of the Jibun Techo, which is a combination of this diary and their "Life" and "Idea" notebooks. We didn't choose that because we plan to use the Take A Note to make more detailed entries, but nonetheless it is a solid choice.

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Bullet Journal w/MD notebook 

midori MD notebook cover Inner page of midori grid MD notebook

Tried and true system with a good ol’ minimalist notebook. Definitely worked for us!

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Well that's about it. Hopefully this little guide will help you find your perfect planner for the new year. Until next time, keep journaling!