New Arrivals! MU Print-On Stickers and Sticky Notes

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MU is a Taiwanese brand. They caught my eyes years ago when they were crowdfunding, but I didn’t reach out to them at that time because I was about to move to the US soon. And now I am super excited that I could bring them here! 


MU Print-On Stickers

MU is famous for their uniquely-designed "Print-On Stickers". They are called this way because the stickers applied on to the surface without an obvious edge, so they blend effortlessly with the surface. Also they would not bulk up your planner!

Unlike ordinary stickers, MU print-on stickers do not have a peel-off sticky back. The adhesive is activated by pressure - think temporary tattoo paper that can be applied dry. This allows you to make arrangements, and they can be stacked to create a multilayer visual effect. Let your creativity run wild! 

MU stickers can be used on various surfaces, like paper, glass, plastic, ceramics and smooth wood surfaces. Check out their YouTube video to get inspirations on how they can be used. 


How to apply MU print-on stickers: 

  1. Cut out the desired pattern 
  2. Remove the backing paper
  3. Paste it on the surface you wish to apply on 
  4. Press in evenly with a flat tool (e.g. popsicle stick) 
  5. Tear off the transparent layer  


MU print-on sticker has a wide range of designs including basic patterns, vintage letters, tickets, passports stamps, floral and plant patterns. Check out the full collection here.

Vintage style MU print on stickers Plants MU print on stickers Floral MU print on stickers Galaxy MU print on stickersMU print on stickers - Background series MU print on stickers - Basic patterns


MU Sticky Notes

MU sticky notes are transparent - so just like the print-on stickers, they can be stacked to create a multilayer visual effect. They work well with pencil, ball pens, markers and other oil-based pens. If you are using water-based pens and fountain pens, it is recommended to write on the surface under the sticky note (they are transparent!). Just like other regular sticky notes, these are absolutely reusable too!

Checkout the YouTube to see how MU sticky notes can be used.


 See the full MU sticky notes collection here.

MU sticky notes MU sticky notes MU sticky notes - Feathers