How do you make stickers from washi tape?

There are many gorgeous washi tapes out there, and sometimes you just want to use a part of it instead of the whole pattern. So how do you do that? Cutting the desired pattern out of the washi is definitely not the way to go. The washi tape just cling onto your hands and scissors, and it was a huge mess.

After countless hours of scouring the web, and several experiments later, I present you the Meowashi Method of cutting patterns out of washi tape:


You will need: 

  • Washi tape 
  • Scissors
  • Label backing paper  


Wait…what on earth is label backing paper?

It is actually the smooth, glossy piece of paper left behind once you remove the stickers/labels.

I got plenty of them because I print a lot of shipping labels. If you don't have any, you can just use parchment paper instead, but it is not as good as the label backing paper because washi tape doesn't stick well on it. You can also get some label backing paper for free here when your order. I have plenty of them and I don't want to throw them into the trash.


It is really simple. Here goes!

1. *IMPORTANT* Use masking tape/clear tape to remove dust from the surface of the label backing paper.

2. Stick the washi tape on the label backing paper 

    3. Trim off the excess label backing paper. This will make the cutting process easier.


    4. Scissors time. Get Creative!

    TA-DA! Look how cute these little stickers are! :D